Group Classes

Group Classes

Classes that can be enjoyed at any level

Group Fitness in Charleston SC

All of our Group Fitness Classes classes can be enjoyed at any level. From beginner to advanced, the instructor will provide you with alternatives and direction to make the class challenging and fun. Members can also take advantage of Chucktown’s gym, along with services like personal training. Let us help you reach your fitness goals. Feel free to ask about member packages and how you can use our gym and group classes to improve your health… and your life! (Results may vary from person to person.)

  • Group Fitness in Charleston SC
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Group Classes Benefits:

  • Improve Strength
  • Muscle Tone
  • Flexibility
  • Joint Mobility
  • Sleep Better
  • Improve Wellbeing
  • Stress Relief
  • Burn Calories

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Group Personal Training

This 500-1000 calorie burning class uses a unique combination of non-traditional cardio equipment combined with functional and resistance training designed to build endurance and target every major muscle group

  • Ultimate Workout
    This 500-1000 Calorie Burning Class Uses A Unique Combination Of Non-Traditional Cardio Equipment Combined With Functional And Resistance Training Designed To Build Endurance And Target Every Major Muscle Group. This Class Utilizes The Use Of MyZone Heartrate Monitors To Challange And Keep You In That Fat Burning Zone.
  • Ultimate Boxing
    A physically challenging workout that encompasses many of the moves of your favorite boxer or UFC fighter. Punch, kick, elbow, and knee your way into the best shape of your life! Benefits include improved cardio, flexibility, and coordination. Build your core, functional speed, and power, along with toning muscles and burning well over 500 calories a class!
  • Ultimate Lift
    60 Minutes Of Strength Training Guaranteed To Work Every Muscle Group! Ultimate Lift Is A Class Using A Weighted Bar And Functional Strength Training Movements. Each Track Is Designed Specifically For Each Muscle Group In The Body. Plates Are Used To Change The Weight Factor According To The Area Being Worked. Push Yourself Past Plateaus In This High Energy Fun Class! Great For ALL Fitness Levels.
  • Partner Training
    Partner Training Allows You And Your Workout Partners The Benefit Of 1 On 1 Training At A Fraction Of The Cost. Groups Of 2-4 Can Work With Any Of Our Personal Trainers To Accomplish Your Goals. Nutrition And Homework Workouts Come With Partner Training So Grab Some Friends And Get Started On Changing Your Body, Your Health, And Your Life!
  • Ultimate Cycle
    As you climb and sprint your way through one of our signature indoor cycling sessions, you'll increase strength and energy, burn tons of calories and jumpstart metabolism. This class incorporates upper and lower body sequences as well as core movements that will give you a full body workout experience. There is NO way you will leave this class without dripping in sweat!
  • Traditional Cycle
    Traditional cycling focuses exclusively on the cardio benefits of cycling. Sprints, climbs, and coasting are all part of this awesome class. Throw in great music and an energetic instructor to provide a proven and effective workout on the best cycle bikes in CHUCKTOWN!

Our Group Fitness Instructors

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