Erica Braun

Ultimate Cycle Instructor

Erica brings her sunny California vibe to Chucktown Fitness and we love her high-energy style. Catch a ride from Erica and you may find yourself jamming to old school hip-hop hits from Tupac and Snoop Dog mixed with today's top 40.

Erica comes to Chucktown Fitness with over 10 yrs experience in the fitness arena and has a no nonsense attitude in her classes. Come to have fun while you work out!

Erica's instructing career began when she started taking classes in LA and noticed how great cycling made people feel about themselves.

"I fell in love with teaching after I thought it was just for fun, but then it became a passion when I saw how much it transformed and helped people feel amazing!"- Erica Braun

She wants her riders to leave her classes feeling happy and accomplished at the same time!