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About Classes

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Chucktown Fitness is for anyone, at any fitness level. We offer the most unique approach and equipment than any other gym in West Ashley, Johns Island and surrounding areas. Our instructors guide you throughout the entire workout and are dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals! Our team approach provides the ultimate encouragement and support you need. You and your team will work, push and sweat together in a fun, positive environment.

Everyone knows that with some help either through group fitness or personal training you are more likely to reach your fitness goals! Our belief is simple: health and happiness go hand and hand. When you feel good, you look good. When you look good, you feel good. Together we can make your goals a reality!


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The three main components of a complete fitness program should include intense cardio, strength, and functional training. Our programs are designed to include these three key elements.

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A good cardio regimen will lead to increased stamina, better health, fat loss and help you get in shape quickly.

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Strength training increases bone density, builds a stronger body and heart, improves blood flow, and reduces your resting blood pressure.

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Functional training involves mainly weight bearing activities targeted at core muscles of the abdomen and lower back.

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Our class structure

Our classes are all about Teamwork! You will be grouped into teams of no more than 6 people at the start of each class. Your team will work to motivate each other, conquer challenges, and be that winning team at the end of class. A little fun, friendly competition never hurt anyone! Join us at our Savannah Highway gym convenient to West Ashley, Johns Island, and surrounding areas.

The workouts are designed to accommodate all fitness levels. Each class is different from the other to avoid fitness plateaus and to keep you working towards your fitness goals. The equipment is unique from any other group facility so be prepared to push, climb, carry and bike your way to a stronger, leaner, healthier you!

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Our Belief

At Chucktown Fitness we believe that everyone has the right to attain true happiness. We believe that you deserve completeness in your life. That is why we believe in a different approach to fitness.