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Heart Rate Monitor During Your Workouts

Your individual heart rate is one of the most accurate, vital and realistic ways to indicate and measure your exercise intensity in any given workout that you may be engaged in. What’s awesome is that you can use this information to determine on any given day if your body is compromised, running at your own peak levels and or exceeding your current fitness level. You really get to know yourself when it comes to physical activity. Tracking this info over time is valuable when assessing your fitness level and overall physical condition on going. Knowledge is power!
Here are your top four advantages for using a heart rate monitor:

  1. Utilizing a heart rate monitor for any activity gives you definitive data on what effort level it takes you as an individual to accomplish a given task as well as under what circumstances (i.e., weather; indoor or outdoor workout; machine or free flow; fatigue; effects of medication or caffeine; sea level; time of day, and more. In other words, what does your body have to do and put forth in terms of effort to accomplish the chosen physical feat of the day?
  2. A heart rate monitor is a fantastic tool giving you clear indication and evaluation of the condition of your cardiovascular system during physical activity. Again, awareness is power! This is great information to share when you see your doctor at your yearly physical.
  3. Using heart rate monitor can be your personal coach. Your heart rate along with your “perceived exertion rate” can tell you if you need to up your intensity, pull back and or tell you that you are in your groove. This helps to hone in on exactly what you want to accomplish and insure the best results for the time that you put in to your fitness plan enhancing workout safety as well.
  4. Indicates your heart’s ability to “recover” from a given exercise and or interval within a workout once again giving you more info on the condition of your cardiovascular system. Faster recovery rate indicates enhanced cardiovascular capacity.

Contributor: Robert Reames