Heart Monitor during exercise


Your individual heart rate is one of the most accurate, vital and realistic ways to indicate and measure your exercise intensity in any given workout that you may be engaged in. What’s awesome is that you can use this information to determine on any given day if your body is compromised, running at your own peak levels and or exceeding your current fitness level. You really get to know yourself when it comes to physical activity. Tracking this info [...]

new years resolutions fitness goals

New Years Resolutions – How to Keep on Track

Will 2017 be the year you join the elite 8%? I know you didn’t achieve your New Year’s resolutions in 2016! I say that confidently, even though we’ve never met, because research shows only 8% of people actually achieve them. So statistically, I bet you didn’t. How can you become one of those elite few, who actually achieve what they set out to do? Do you need more motivation? A special system? What are the secrets? To find out, I interviewed one of the leading experts [...]

How to get flexible fast

Members have asked numerous times how to they can increase flexibility quickly. Yes, you can use gravity. Yes, you can use your arms to force yourself down. But gravity can get you results slowly, and simply forcing yourself into a stretch can potentially cause more harm than good. There is a way to actively stretch that can get you results quickly while toning your body. A specific program called Active Isolated Stretching, developed over 30 years ago by registered Kinesiotherapist and Licensed Massage Therapist [...]

Monday Motivation

Without testing our limits, without taking chances, without risks, or gambles, or longshots, we could never know our true potential. We would never know the true depth of our power.  When adversity strikes, and misfortune hits us, we stay strong, until we're completely torn apart. What we're left with is who we really are as human beings. These things reveal and build our true character. Without misfortune we wouldn't have the opportunity to create stronger habits, and build, and prepare for the next [...]

More Monday Motivation

We all have "those" days: "I'm too tired"..."I'm too busy"..."I'm too hungry!"..."I have zero motivation".  If you're in the gym and working hard and eating lean clean and mean...then give yourself some credit! And DON'T get discouraged! If you have the occasional mess up or miss the gym a few times, it's OKAY! LONG TERM CONSISTENCY is what matters so don't let one day or one week or even a month get you down and mess up your attitude. If you take a step back and look [...]