Ate (Or Drank) Too Much Yesterday? Here’s Your One-Day Feel-Good Recovery Plan

by Dr. Amy Shah Maybe it was your birthday. Or your best friend's birthday. Or a birthday at the table next to you at dinner. Whatever the reason—or no real reason...we've all been there—you overdid it. You ate too much. You drank too much. Or maybe both. One thing's for sure, hating yourself or your body is counterproductive. There's no need. Save this post for a time like this so that you can maximize recovery over the next 24 hours. By [...]

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The Different Types Of Intermittent Fasting + Which One Is Right For You

Written by Dr. Vincent M. Pedre May 17, 2017 5:50 AM MIND BODY GREEN   As a medical doctor who focuses on gut health, I suggest intermittent fasting to many of my patients. I do this because I've repeatedly seen what studies show: Intermittent fasting (IF) can help patients lose weight, lower inflammation, improve gut health, and reduce their risk for cancer and other diseases. If only finding the right plan proved to be easy for everyone! Enthusiastic to give it a go after our first consultation, my [...]

5 Small Changes That Will Banish Belly Fat

Ready for some sobering news? Your muffin top might be detrimental to your health. According to doctors, one of the worst places your body can store fat is your midsection: That stubborn section of fat carries a strong risk factor for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and more—all things serious enough to make us take pause before our next Seamless order. To truly burn the fat, you’ll need to squeeze in some quality cardio time at the gym. (And [...]

10 Reasons to Avoid Drinking Soda

10 Reasons to Avoid Drinking Soda

The average American drinks approximately 56 GALLONS of soda a year. Some people even admit to drinking more soda than water each day, or no water at all. Soft drinks are a multi-billion dollar product, and they account for a quarter of all drinks consumed in the United States. With Americans consuming this large amount of soft drinks each year, it becomes important to evaluate how soft drinks can influence a person’s health. With a little research, it becomes clear that [...]

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Fire Up Your Fitness Motivation in FEBRUARY

Are your New Year fitness goals starting to slip? These 9 tips will fire you up again! Make a vision board Cut out inspirational images and motivational quotes and paste them onto a large sheet of card. You can do this on a computer, but we think it’s more powerful to create a paper version. You could use images of your goal body shape, or photos of your holiday destination. Phrases that get you fired up to work out, or classic quotes from sports [...]