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Chucktown Fitness Team Training- Opening Soon

Are you new to exercise or group exercise classes? Are you nervous or intimidated? Well that is totally normal and we understand! Being nervous is a good thing. That means you are excited!! Check out why we are the perfect exercise facility for you and your friends!


  • Unique fat burning classes that will accommodate all fitness levels  
  • 50 minute classes run by high energy knowledgeable instructors
  • Grouped into small teams for your workout
  • You and your team will work, push, and sweat together to give support, develop strength and overcome challenges
  • Each member will wear a heart rate monitor so instructors can keep you in that fat burning zone.


  • Have limitations?  Don’t worry! Most people do have limitations. It’s our job to modify any movement so that you get an amazing opportunity to lose fat and build muscle no matter your fitness level.
  • Worried about getting lost in the crowd? Don’t be!  What makes our Team Training unique is that no matter the class size you will be grouped into small Teams.
  • Heart rate monitoring with daily challenges to keep your team accountable
  • Nutritional assistance is provided with each class. This is an area overlooked by other fitness programs. Nutrition WITH exercise is the key to success! CTF Team Training offers the total package!!
  • All team training members will have access to our 24 hour full service fitness center located in West Ashley. Childcare is available.



  • Accountability
  • Make friends and build relationships in a healthy environment
  • Friendly competition
  • Learn and develop from others
  • Fun


The three main components of a complete fitness program should include Intense Cardio, Strength and Functional Training. Our programs are designed to include these three important components.

SWEAT AND BURN – SORE? TIRED? OUT OF BREATH?   This cardio class uses new cardio equipment that you have never seen before! It will keep you moving and sweating…GUARANTEED! Look to your team members to get that drive and motivation to keep going. TEAMWORK CREATES SYNERGY!

  • Challenge your aerobic and anaerobic threshold every time
  • Heart rate monitoring to keep you in that fat burning zone
  • Increase endurance, gain speed, agility, and coordination
  • Burn body fat and hear your calories scream!

POWER AND STRENGTH Tired of all the SHAKE, RATTLES and ROLLS on your body? This strength class promises to build lean muscle tissue and add definition to your body. This class will focus on a variety of weight training exercises that you and your team will push through together. TEAMWORK IS ESSENTIAL FOR HIGH PERFORMANCE!

  • Speed up metabolism by adding lean muscle tissue
  • Burn more calories working out and at rest with weight training
  • Increase bone density
  • Decrease body fat
  • Change the shape of your body!

SAY WHAT??   Like to be challenged and mix it up? This HIIT (high intensity interval training) class will keep you guessing with a combination of strength, cardio and core intervals. Work together with your team to give support, develop strength and overcome challenges. TEAMWORK TO OVERCOME CHALLENGES!

  • Variety of exercise keeps your body and mind guessing
  • Build muscle
  • Scorch body fat
  • Increase strength and endurance
  • Functional training to simulate life situations