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Back in the day, when you needed a gym, you would go to your handy Yellow Pages and search “gyms” – if they were even around back then. The internet has completely revolutionized how we search for just about everything. With summer in full swing, you might be heading indoors due to heat – and if that is the case, now is an excellent time to consider hiring a personal trainer. But not all personal trainers are equal, so merely Googling “personal fitness trainer near me” might not get you what you want. These are five things that you should look for before making an appointment!


Anyone can make business cards and call themselves a personal trainer, but it isn’t just about counting reps and keeping you accountable. A personal trainer should be able to help you achieve your fitness goals, whether they are to lose weight or to be at the peak of your performance. They also need to know proper mechanics and dos and don’ts to ensure that you are safe and remain uninjured performing specific exercises. The old ways of losing weight simply don’t cut it anymore, and they won’t give you what you want to attain your goals!

Continuing Education

Personal training continues to grow and alter as science and technology change. Fads do come and go, and the science community is continually learning new things about the body, its metabolism, and how everything works. You need to find a fitness trainer who is staying at the top of their fitness game by attending continuing education classes. They will not only have the most recent knowledge; they will be more apt to keep you from boredom from doing the same old, same old!


Sure, a personal trainer is there to monitor you and guide you from one thing to the next to achieve your fitness goals, but if they are monotone and about as exciting as watching paint dry, that isn’t going to pick you up! Personal training isn’t just about training; it’s also about motivating. For most people, fitness is not their number-one favorite thing to do. If you find a trainer who is motivating and enthusiastic, it just might become one of yours! Positivity is contagious – so find someone who will infect you!


Fitness trainers choose their career because they like what they do, but they shouldn’t assume that everyone else does, too. In the fitness world, most of us like the “burn” because it means we gave it our all so the next day we are ready to hit it again. If you’re in the industry, you probably don’t think positively about the burn and you might need a little TLC the next go-around. A fitness trainer should know when it is time to push and when it is time to pull back and give you some recovery time. If they don’t, you likely won’t stick it out for very long!


No two people’s bodies or abilities are the same. Trainers need to be able to modify their activities for you to match your skill level and your limitations, while also being able to maximize your potential. That is not always easy. Find someone who can read you, is willing to be creative with activities, and can accommodate limitations you have by finding a better way to get around them instead of letting you give up.

When people need a product or service, the first place they head is to the internet. But simply Googling “personal trainer near me” will not give you what you need. At Chucktown Fitness, we have a staff that is highly motivational, knowledgeable, and, above all, we are empathetic to the needs of everyone who walks through our doors. Contact us today to take your fitness indoors and beat the heat as you try something new!