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As we head into 2023, many will resolve that this is their year to achieve their fitness goals. The sad reality is that most folks give up on their commitment by January 14th, but we have faith that you won’t be average! Because we believe in you and want you to hit the ground running on January 1, our advice is to google “HIIT workout classes near me” along with these other four things to make 2023 your year to hit it!

Get New Workout Clothes

Nothing can breathe new life into your workout regime – or perhaps even inspire you to begin one – more than investing in some new workout clothes. There is something to be said for pulling off the tags and suiting up. New workout clothes can make us feel like workout heroes putting on our new super outfit. From shoes to new compression shorts, let’s suit up and get it on.

Find a Fitness App that Speaks to You

Hiring a personal trainer is an excellent way to kickstart your new year, but not everyone has to go that route. There are a ton of apps that can help you stay on track to either cut calories and lose weight, provide daily motivation, or track things like steps per day. Apps are a great way to benchmark your success so that you feel as if you are making strides to meet your goals along the way. With each new goal reached, you will be motivated to get to the next one until one day you wake up, and lo and behold, you are there!

Mixed Music is Your Friend

Science tells us that people who listen to music work harder at their workout than those who don’t. If you have some music that puts you in the mood, ramps up your energy, or just makes you feel positive, add them all to a playlist and plug it in! This isn’t the time to go with the ballads or a breakup mixtape; find music that’s high energy all the way and hit it with all that you’ve got.

Google “HIIT Workout Near Me”

If you haven’t tried a HIIT workout yet, this is your year. HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training, and it is the best way to achieve your fitness goals whether they are peak fitness performance or weight loss. When you combine high-intensity intervals with rest, what you get is a recipe for success. At Chucktown Fitness, we cater to everyone from beginners to seasoned vets and they all keep coming back for more – because it is an excellent motivator and goal attainment aid!

Hire a Personal Trainer

If one of the things that typically stops you from staying on track is accountability and motivation, then this year try hiring one of our personal trainers. A personal trainer will be there to guide you, monitor you, encourage you, and keep you on track to achieving your fitness goals for 2023 – whatever they might be!

As we roll into the new year, make this the one that you meet your fitness goals with our help. At Chucktown Fitness, your goals are ours and we have personal trainers and fitness classes that are suited to help you reach whatever it is that you are committed to. Come in today to try one of our HIIT classes, and we guarantee you will be back for more!