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As we head full-on into the holiday season, our weekends are dominated by entertaining and can include overindulging. Sometimes when you focus on doing the bare minimum of keeping weight off during the holidays, it isn’t enough. If you want to stop the disappointment of putting the holiday decorations away along with dealing with excess holiday weight gain, then why not focus on trimming down during the holidays instead of just maintaining? Think it isn’t possible? These five tricks might prove you wrong!

Water is Your New Best Friend

Water is a great way to flush fat, have a healthy glow, and help you in your weight loss efforts. Not only will drinking water before your regular meals help to fill you up quickly so you eat less; if you add a glass of water in between every holiday drink that you enjoy, you will probably slow down your consumption – which will slow your hangover as well, so it is a win-win proposition. Resolve to drink one 8-ounce glass of water in between each glass of wine, and you will be amazed at how quickly it will slow your roll!

Eat Before You Go to Festivities

Most of us don’t want to eat before we arrive at a party – after all, we know that there will be food galore. That’s the problem. If you don’t eat before you go, then you are going in with an empty stomach, which is like going to the grocery store hungry. If you eat a reasonable meal before you head out, it will probably make you drink less and make better food choices. Although counterintuitive, sometimes eating preemptively can help you avoid gorging on fat-laden foods.

What about – Getting adequate sleep and managing stress?
– adequate sleep has been proven to reduce feelings of anxiety by improving your ability to manage stress and respond appropriately
– A good night sleep improves your mood and outlook
– Managing stress- Improves sleep, help control weight gain, decrease muscle tension, improves mood
-Take time to slow down, take a deep breath and enjoy time with family and friends

Buy a New Year’s Target Outfit!

If there is one surefire motivator, it is fitting into that little black dress. Most people see the holidays as a time to let loose and throw caution to the wind about how they look. But when you consider that you only really get to see most people during the holiday season, isn’t that when you want to look your best? Make your New Year’s Eve plans early and have a target to lose the weight, and it will definitely keep you on task.

Join a West Ashley Group Fitness Class

The key to weight loss is finding something that keeps you motivated while burning the most calories. Unfortunately, when we only have a little time to exercise, we tend to do what is comfortable. Over time, those things we do stop becoming real “exercise,” because your body is already proficient at doing them. A group fitness class will allow you to try something new. You’ll also have the accountability of people expecting you to show up, which is another huge motivator!

As we head into the holidays, most people have set their sights on keeping weight off, but the people who will really avoid the New Year’s Eve bulge are those who go one step further and make the goal of trimming down during the holidays. These are just five of our hacks for losing weight during challenging times. If you visit Chucktown Fitness, we can offer so, so many more! Come in today to try one of our classes.