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Although COVID isn’t entirely gone, things have begun to return to normal thanks to the vaccine. At Chucktown Fitness, we are so happy to be back and greeting our fitness enthusiasts again. For those who are looking to return to a routine but need a little motivation, a Charleston personal trainer is an excellent way to crank it up. But not all personal trainers are the same, and your enjoyment and results really do depend on the professional you choose. Look for these four qualities to get the most from your training.


When it comes to motivation, everyone needs a little something different from their personal trainer. If you are someone who likes to be pushed hard, then you are going to differ from someone who needs a gentler, more caring approach. Before you hire someone, make sure that you take the time to sit down and discuss your goals and how to best go about achieving them. You get the most success from finding a fitness professional who can motivate you, rather than someone who might be too soft or too intimidating.

Training and Credentials

Personal training takes a good combination of skills, experience, and training. Before you choose a trainer, make sure you know what their credentials are and what certifications they hold. Sure, a background in being fit is a definite positive, but you need someone who knows about things like form, function, and nutrition, and those concepts all require some training and expertise. In the fitness world, there are many different ways to go about training and exercise. Make sure to find someone who has actual science and education to back up their practices.

Positivity is a MUST

You need someone with the right personality style to match yours, but you also need someone who is positive. One of the reasons people hire personal trainers is for motivational purposes and positivity. Find someone who can pick you up on days when working out seems like torture. And choose someone who can read your mood and find ways to make you feel good about you and what you are trying to achieve. A personal trainer shouldn’t just be your guide; they should be your biggest positivity tool!

The Right Environment

Working out with a personal trainer doesn’t necessarily mean that you need any equipment at all. But you do need a safe space, room to move around, and varied and updated resources to make things fun and create a more functional type of strength training. If someone is coming to your home, make sure that they can find innovative and creative ways to keep you engaged and moving forward. If you are going to a gym, find one that has a good atmosphere to fit your own style. Environment really does matter, so consider everything when finding the right personal trainer.

Now that things are hopefully returning to pre-pandemic normalcy, you might be considering getting back to having a fitness routine. A personal trainer is an excellent tool to get you back on track, to make sure you are doing the right things to achieve your goals, to reduce the risk of injury, and to motivate you to put on those shoes even when you might not feel like it. At Chucktown Fitness, we have a personal training staff that is highly motivational, definitely positive, and immediately ready to help you achieve your fitness goals, whatever they may be. Stop in today and let’s get you on the road to greatness!