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One of the reasons people love group fitness classes is that it can be difficult to keep yourself motivated and on track when no one is looking. If you need a little extra push to strap on your shoes and get to working out, then group fitness is a great way to engage with others while getting the exercise you need to maintain your health and well-being. But not all fitness classes are for everyone. The key is to find one that offers variety and the right type of motivation to target your fitness goals, whether they are losing weight or gaining muscle. Look for these things in your class for group fitness in West Ashley to keep you pushing ahead!


It might not seem like a big deal, but it really is. For most of us, a song is the best mood influencer there is. If you like the beat of a hard techno group, then you probably aren’t going to find much motivation with a hard rock or vintage beat. Sure, it isn’t all about the music, but it definitely does either perk us up or make us want to tune out. Think about how you feel when your favorite song comes on. It doesn’t have to always be a favorite, but find music in your genre.

Activity Level

Some people want to go hard and sweat it out, while others are looking for some core training and holding positions to gain flexibility and balance. You already know what your strengths and weaknesses are, but if you only do the same activities day after day without any variation, then your muscles will get so accustomed to it that you will hit a plateau. It isn’t always comfortable to switch up the amount of activity you are doing, whether it’s to slow it down or speed it up, but you need a healthy mix of both of them to get a more well-rounded workout and to achieve the best conditioning possible.


When it comes to working out, there is a reason why some people like one workout facility instead of another. For instance, not everyone is looking for a gym with a bunch of weightlifters or a floor that has all cardio machines. The same goes for fitness classes. Find one that fits your personality and style. Part of the motivation in an exercise class is absorbing the energy around you. If you aren’t on the same page as those with you, it is going to be hard to feel comfortable enough to give it your all. Try to find classmates who have the same enthusiasm as you about what they are doing.


In fitness, the instructor that you have – whether it is a personal trainer or a Pilates teacher – will have a real effect on the motivation that the class feels. Find someone who knows how to encourage you the way that you respond best. Not every teacher is meant for every student, and vice-versa. It is okay to shop around and try several out to find the one that you enjoy!

Sometimes pushing yourself to exercise can feel like a chore. When you start to get off-track, taking a new class for group fitness in West Ashley can breathe new life into your workout. At Chucktown Fitness, our number-one goal is to get and keep you motivated to reach new goals, try new things, and be open to expanding your fitness options. Come in and look at all of our classes, whether you have tried them before or not. Who knows? You might just find one that you can’t live without! Come in today and see all that we have to offer.