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Hear from our members

Welcoming, friendly, and very knowledgeable trainers at this gym. It’s been a while since I’ve worked out but they are welcoming to all fitness levels. I actually enjoy the classes and I’m not one to love exercising. Always doing something new and different and the trainers make it fun with lots of positivity and good music!

Shannon Marler

I recently left a gym which I loved to join the CTF, I made the change because of a move. After the first few training sessions I knew they were the deal! My form has improved and I can see changes in my fitness. Leslie and Zach respectfully meet each member where they are and can show anyone how to improve their fitness. I now have a new gym, which I love even more- thank you CTF family!

polly epstein

Amazing! I can’t say enough about CTF. They are fantastic. I hadn’t exercised for 3+ years when I joined and was very nervous. The coaches are so supportive and encouraging. They explain every exercise, make sure you are performing it correctly, offer options if you aren’t quite there and when you are there they push you to the next level. CTF even converted my boyfriend who hates working out.

margaret mcconnell

The Chucktown Fitness team has created an incredible community of like-minded people who show up and strive to get better every day! The trainers are there to help you every step of the way. The workouts are fun, diverse and challenging. I look forward to every workout!

Victoria Jones

All trainers are very welcoming- you do not feel weird about being there if you have a lack of knowledge of what you are doing. They help you and guide you to make sure you get the most, beneficial workout to your level.

Tammy Casa

I love the experience. Friendly staff & workout classmates, so much positivity. There’s always new different workout routines to do, never bored with the same routine. One-on-One time is great, you’re sure to eventually meet your goals.

Rayven Jones

From the moment I walked in the door, I felt welcomed by all! It was so refreshing! Zach, Leslie and all of the trainers are so knowledgeable. They take the time to help you if have questions and offer suggestions if you are struggling with proper form. It doesn’t matter if I go to a super early morning class or an evening class after a long work day, I know I am going to be motivated to have a great workout. CTF keeps you on your toes and every workout is different!

Megan Christopher

This gym is a good environment; awesome people, welcoming, yet the workouts do push you. A very clean and fun gym.Thought I was in shape before going to my first classes here. I was very wrong. The group classes are amazing. Even if you already do some specialized activity, ex power lifting, martial arts, or kick boxing, these classes get your body into amazing shape for whatever else you may do.

Stephen Few

I'm so happy I found Chucktown Fitness. The trainers are positive and knowledgeable. They pay attention to each member. I'm recovering from a foot injury and they are always quick to give me modifications to help me get the most out of my workout without further injury. I love that I leave each time feeling like my whole body got a great workout! I highly recommend this place.

melanie Grochowski

I sincerely love working out here! It's like I have a fitness family that makes me feel supported and keeps me accountable. The owners and the trainers are great people who genuinely care about you and your goals! The whole team pushes you to work hard in a fun atmosphere! Highly recommend!!

Gabrielle Pendarvis

Chucktown Fitness is amazing! Their team training classes keep you engaged and motivated by rotating you through many engaging exercises. And every class is different so it is hard to get bored. Great staff! Great business!

K Chap

They keep you very motivated during the classes. Pushing you while also understanding that the classes are extremely taxing. I’ve been doing it for a couple weeks and can already see and feel a difference in my body!

chris asbell

I'm so happy I found Chucktown Fitness. The trainer are positive and knowledgeable. They pay attention to each member. I'm recovering from a foot injury and they are always quick to give me modifications to help me get the most out of my workout without further injury. I love that I leave time feeling like my whole body got a great workout! i highly recommend this place

melanie grochowski

I have been going to Chucktown for over two years now and I couldn't imagine ever going anywhere else. They push me to push myself in class and their body measurements/assessments keep me accountable. They are my fitness family! I love each and everyone of the trainers so much. I can’t say enough good things about them, you just got to come and see for yourself why Chucktown is the best gym in the lowcountry!

sydney kelly

chucktown is a great place to train. The instructors are very knowledgeable, upbeat, and motivational. The equipment is clean and well-maintained. The hit classes are an incredibly good whole body workout and in the 14 months i've been going there I have yet to the same class twice. Above all, Chucktown is a fun place with a very welcoming community

ralph urbanic

Some days I'm tired and just not feeling vigorous workout, BUT I know all I have to do is get there. The coaches are motivational and they make it a lot of fun. The workouts are well-rounded; perfect mix of strength and cardio training. They hit all the muscle groups. Every . Single . Time . "You get what you came for. "It's obvious there is a lot of thought and preparation involved. No workout is ever the same so I never get bored. I also enjoy the camaraderie of the CTF team in and outside of the gym I'm hooked.

janet larkin

When I walked into CTF on January 18, 2022, I took a brave new step to regain my confidence, my strength, my health and to make a few new friends along the way. Zack quickly connected me with Hailey, my personal trainer and true fitness coach! Hailey inspires me! I bring the will and she teaches the skill! We make a great pair! She motivates and encourages me to be better, to be stronger and to go the extra mile with each session. Give CTF a try. You will be glad you didi!!!

angie baughman

I've been a member of the Chucktown Fitness Gym and family for about 4 to 5 years. Followed the team from W. Ashley. It's not my first go ‘round with ITT training, I liked my gym in MA, but this gym and crew of trainers far surpasses all the places I've been. They will challenge you and be kind, courteous, encouraging while putting you through the process of improving your life. And believe me, it will. Come join them and me for a great time and workout!!!

mark moynihan

I have absolutely fell in love with Chucktown fitness. I used to hate going to the gym and I did not do it very much because of that. I never knew what workouts were best and I could never make a “routine” of workouts for the gym by myself. Since starting the Team Train classes at CTF, I have LOVED working out!! The trainers are beyond helpful. Leslie and Zach have been nothing but great for my morning workouts. Leslie always walks around class to make sure everyone has the correct stance/position. there is a wide variety of times to choose from starting as early as 5:30am. I have felt great after just one week. I am looking forward to continuing here and seeing more results!

katie kornegay

Finishing up my 3rd week (3-4x a week) and I gotta say: THE SWEAT IS REAL! The community here at Chucktown is real too. I have not worked out in a very long time and my wedding is coming up. I wanted to tone up my body while also building up strength, but flying solo at the gym is really not my thing. These group training classes with amazing coaches really helps motivate me to PUT IN THAT WORK! I feel so good after a work out. The great thing is that all the exercises are so creative (and different each time so you don't get bored!) and you can do them at your own pace, but they will push you for sure! Amazing experience so far and I can't wait to continue my journey with them!

vivian haung

I joined a Chucktown Fitness about a month ago. I've never taken classes before and I have enjoyed myself since the first day I joined. The whole staff is very friendly and they help you stay motivated throughout the workouts. Even outside the class, one of the owners Zach had a meeting with me about my fitness goals. I lost 9 pounds in just a month and I'm ready to continue to pursue my goals. I definitely recommend Chucktown Fitness, it is worth every penny!

jorge navarro

Chucktown is the perfect gym. The workouts are efficient and the staff are friendly and helpful. The HITT workout is the best in town! | feel stronger after every class. You couldn't ask for a better vibe & community than what you'll find at Chucktown. Leslie and Zach will make all your fitness dreams from true!

caroline lemons

I sincerely love working out here! It's like I have a fitness family that makes me feel supported and keeps me accountable. The owners and the trainers are great people who genuinely care about you and your goals! The whole team pushes you to work hard in a fun atmosphere! Highly recommend!!

gabrielle pendarvis

Zach and all the trainers are awesome. I needed the class format for direction and motivation. They are a good balance of pushing and challenging without making you feel bad if you are newer to the gym scene. Can't say enough how much I look forward to going 3x each week.

patrick reilly

This has to be the best gym I've ever been a member of in my entire life. The group classes feel like I have a personal trainer. Everyone is so nice and welcoming, and I feel like they care about my success. This is not easy, but I feel so accomplished every time I leave. If you are looking for a gym family that will change your life, look no further

tineka bond

Made the decision to return to the gym and get in shape after years of absence. I couldn’t have made a better choice than Chucktown. Professional and courteous staff create challenging and rewarding workouts. Can't wait to reach my goals with their assistance.

patrick redder

Chucktown fitness is the best gym in CHS. I started by doing a couplel started by doing a couple of classes a week, and fell in love with the workouts, community, and atmosphere. I cancelledmy regular gym membership and switched to unlimited classes at CTF. I highly recommend this gym for anyone. It is for all levels! Everyone is supporting and welcoming. You won't regret going!

sarah watts

Great HIIT workouts that are different everyday and excellent coaches who motivate during the workout.

holly maxson

I'm happy with my choice because I think the trainers all have a holistic approach. They recognize my age and limitations and always explain what and why about my workout plan.

bonnie grossman

In was invited to a class in 2020 and was immediately hooked. Since Jan. I got my head 100% in a lifestyle change and started going to Chucktown 5x a week. Leslie has been my encourager since day 1. The trainers push us to give 100%. I have achieved my goal weight and I have gone from a size 14 to a size 6. My wokrouts have also gone to the next level. Chucktown is definitely a game changer. It is the cleanest, friendliest, gym in Charleston. You are always greeted with a smile. If you are ready for a positive change come try Chucktown

Janet Chinnis

I wish I could give 10 stars because I definitely would!... so there are 5 more star emojis to express my gratitude, excitement, and over-the-top satisfaction for Chucktown Fitness. They have exceeded my expectations in every way possible. Matt Wilson, my trainer is so knowledgeable, professional, and such a great instructor for so many reasons. He is an excellent communicator especially when taking into consideration that I struggle with dyslexia. So far, I've had only rewarding training sessions with clarity and each class has left me ecstatic and eager for the next. I don't know what their method is exactly but all I know is I love it and it keeps me coming back for more. That's saying a lot from someone who loathed exercise in any form most of my adult life. Thank you guys for providing me with exactly what I needed to stay healthy, get back in shape, become stronger, and stay fit. I highly recommend Chucktown Fitness to just about anyone.

jody davis

I joined Chucktown Fitness about a month ago and have really enjoyed each class. In just a short amount of time I have seen a real change in my fitness level. I believe this mainly attributed to the challenging and efficient workouts each class provides. Also the positive atmosphere at Chucktown Fitness is the direct result of a staff that is friendly, supportive and knowledgeable. Join the Team! You will not be disappointed.

Michael Carroll