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As the kids return to school, there is a little bit of sadness in saying goodbye to the summer of 2022, but at the same time, it is nice to finally get back into the routine and get things done. If your workout suffered while you were entertaining the kiddos, now is the perfect time to Google “group fitness classes near me” and try something new. So what is all the rage in the fitness world since you took a hiatus?

Smaller Class Sizes with More Individual Instruction

One of the biggest things that’s hot right now is smaller class sizes that provide more individual instruction. Gone are the old days of kickboxing and stair-stepping among the masses. Why? Because no one was paying attention and a lot of people with poor form had some really poor results and injuries. Group fitness isn’t just about getting a large group together; it is about providing support to many people at once.

Well-Rounded Workouts

It used to be that classes either fell into one category or the other. You either kicked butt on your cardio strength or you slowed it down to focus on bodybuilding and toning. Nowadays, the best classes are those that focus on both at the same time. Studies show that you need both anaerobic and aerobic exercise to be the healthiest and fittest version of you. That is why you want to find a class that hits on those things that you probably don’t do when you are on your own.

Functionality is Where It’s At

Remember the old days of high school gyms and lifting as much weight as possible? That type of training led to two things: really strong muscles and really weak cores. Functional training used to be something you only got when you did personal training. Now it is what most classes are focused on. What is the reality that you are ever going to have to lift 400 pounds? In fact, you can lift 400 pounds in a workout and still pull a muscle taking groceries out of your trunk. Exercise that focuses on your weakest link is the best exercise out there!

Circuit Training

Don’t get us wrong: running ten miles is a feat for sure, and being able to do the elliptical for fifty minutes at full speed is great for cardio conditioning. But what science tells us is that it is the starting and stopping of the heart continually that really makes it work its hardest. That’s why circuit training is the most popular starting point for the hottest group fitness classes right now.

As we head into fall, many of us will enjoy a little quiet time while the kids are at school. We will also have the luxury of doing the things that fell by the wayside, like getting back in an exercise routine. If you are Googling “group fitness classes near me,” what you will find is that the hottest fitness trends for groups are classes like HIIT. Come in today to see why it is contagious!