Leslie Savage

Leslie Savage

Fitness Director & Part Owner

Promoting fitness, health, and personal well being is what motivates Leslie. Being the Fitness Director at Chucktown Fitness allows her to share her passion for health. Leslie is an AFPA certified Personal trainer, Nutrition and Wellness Consultant and has an Associates Degree in Physical Therapy.

" The ability to transform a person's physical appearance,strength,and health by redesigning their exercise and nutritional programs is what inspires me to educate others on the importance of exercise and eating smart." - Leslie Savage

Leslie offers one on one consults or group sessions. Her clients will receive instruction on an effective plan tailored to their specific need that will improve overall health and promote weight loss. Educating others on the benefits of combining a nutritional program along with cardiovascular and resistance training is the key to success.

As a wife and mother of two, Leslie understands the demands and challenges of a busy lifestyle, on the go eating, meal planning and grocery shopping. Included in consultations are guidlines to assist in adopting healthy eating habits that will change the way you want to eat.

Taking the steps to educate yourself, train regularly and eat right is a decision you will never regret! To reach your goals you need knowledge, willpower and determination.