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Personal Trainer Charleston

We all have “those” days: “I’m too tired”…”I’m too busy”…”I’m too hungry!”…”I have zero motivation”. 

If you’re in the gym and working hard and eating lean clean and mean…then give yourself some credit! And DON’T get discouraged! If you have the occasional mess up or miss the gym a few times, it’s OKAY!

LONG TERM CONSISTENCY is what matters so don’t let one day or one week or even a month get you down and mess up your attitude.

If you take a step back and look at the big picture, you’re still doing great, still doing what you need to do! And you’re still way ahead of someone who doesn’t care about their health and wellbeing. Just keep your killer attitude and realize that your nutrition and exercise habits are exactly that; HABITS and a LIFESTYLE! 
Stop worrying about what you didn’t do yesterday and focus on what you CAN DO TODAY!

We all have “those” days… but today’s a new day and another chance to compeltely DOMINATE!

Happy Monday!