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As the summer rages on, the heat is making even the most seasoned warriors take shelter in the comfort of the great indoors! If you have been forced to move your workout inside, why not take the opportunity to try something new? Any smart athlete knows that variety is not only the spice of life; it is integral to increase your fitness level and keep your body guessing in a good way. Take this time while the outdoors are off-limits for exercise to try a class for group fitness in Charleston, SC at Chucktown Fitness. Here are four reasons to consider it!

Keeping You Motivated

It can be so easy to get locked into a routine. When you do the same thing day after day, the monotony can start to wreak havoc on your motivation. If you feel like you have just been going through the motions, it is time to switch things up, which doesn’t mean going from the pavement outdoors to an indoor treadmill. Our classes will have you giving it your all once again instead of watching the clock and wishing it was over!

Work On New Muscles

When you do the same thing every day, you also use the same muscles. If you haven’t tried something new lately, then this is a perfect time to engage in our Group HIIT class. Not only does it give you training that maximizes your time spent, you will likely use muscles that you didn’t even know you had. You will definitely feel them the next morning! The key to fitness is using all of your muscles, large and small, to keep you fit from head to toe.

Cardio and Strength Training Combined

As athletes, you usually gravitate toward what you are good at and what’s easy. If you are a runner, you tend to do what you do best. If you are a bodybuilder, then weights are what you focus on. Our group HITT class combines cardio with strength training so that you can reach peak fitness. You need a good mix of anaerobic and aerobic exercise to challenge your body and all of its systems for optimal health.

Social Again?

The hardest part about COVID is realizing that we all started to get comfortable with isolation and being alone. If you have developed a little social anxiety, what better way is there to get back out there and overcome your fear? Try being engaged in something you love that’s also good for your mind and body! Our classes are the perfect reintroduction to social settings and socialization as we USED to know it. Get back out there, slugger – life’s too short to go it alone any longer than we have to!

As we continue through the summer, things are heating up – which means that most of us will be looking for shelter indoors. As you are forced to regroup and work out inside, why not take the opportunity to try a group fitness class in Charleston? At Chucktown Fitness, we have contagious HITT classes that will motivate you, bring your fitness to the next level, and get you socialized again. Come in to try your free class today!