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The days are getting shorter and there is finally a chill in the morning air, which means two things: one, fall is here to stay, and two, the holidays are quickly approaching. Who doesn’t love the holiday season, spending time with family and friends, and building memories? The biggest downside, though, is the holiday hangover comes after New Year’s when it is time to shed that holiday weight gain. This year, make a preemptive strike and hire a personal trainer in West Ashley to keep you honest in these ways.

Giving Practical Tips

Most of us know we gain weight during the holidays and the logistics behind it, but we are very ill-equipped at making the small changes that can help to curb it. Things like not sitting in front of the food counter and adding a glass of water before every glass of wine are great tips. Personal trainers can give you tons of little tips and tricks that are easy to enact. Sometimes, we just need some guidance about how to take actionable steps.

Keeping You Motivated

As the weather starts to turn, getting your shoes on and hitting the pavement is not as easy as in the warm months. A personal trainer can help to give you that little burst of motivation to not slack off during the holidays. Sure, taking a day off is a little treat, but taking 20 off will likely bring you way more misery than pleasure in the long run. A personal trainer can help by giving you those words of encouragement that get you moving – because sometimes the first step is the hardest!


You will have shopping, entertaining, and work parties to attend, so what will likely be the first thing you drop? Fitness. If you hire a personal trainer now, they can keep you accountable at times when it’s too easy to skip. You are much more likely to follow through and not skip a workout session if you have someone waiting on you and you have to come up with an excuse for why you’re taking the day off!


If you are not a cold-weather fan, then working out outdoors might prevent you from doing it. If you take it indoors, the treadmill can start to feel like a hamster wheel. Fall is a great time to brush up on the newest and latest trends in the fitness industry. If you hire a personal trainer now as we head into winter, you will have the variety necessary to keep you engaged and limit the burnout that can come from sheer boredom!

Nutritional Guidance

We all know that eating fast food is going to put the pounds on, but there are other things that you might not know about nutrition and how to keep weight off – not just around the holidays, but throughout the entire year. A personal trainer in West Ashley will be able to give you the guidance to eat smart so that weight gain isn’t an issue – during the holidays or any other time!

The hot weather is giving way to colder temps around the West Ashley area, and soon the holidays will be here. If you want to avoid holiday weight gain, now is the perfect time to hire a personal trainer. They will not only keep you honest and help you avoid the holiday hangover; they can keep you motivated and moving all year long. Come into Chucktown Fitness today and get started with one of our trainers!