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Get ready

It’s your first class!

Are you new to exercise or group classes? Are you nervous or intimidated? Well that is totally normal and we understand! Being nervous is a good thing. Our instructors will guide you throughout the workout and are dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals!

Our belief is simple: health and happiness go hand and hand. When you feel good, you look good. When you look good, you feel good. Together we can make your goals a reality!

  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to class so we can have you to ready to roll! This includes getting you oriented to the facility and introducing your class instructor.
  • Have limitations? Don’t worry! Most people do have limitations. It’s our job to modify any movement so that you get an amazing opportunity to lose fat and build muscle no matter your fitness level.
  • You will sweat and want to stay hydrated so bring a towel and bottle of water.
  • Enjoy friendly competition, and build relationships in a fun healthy environment!